Accurate, Affordable Polling

Award-winning multi-mode survey technology combined with expert strategy and advice

PROBLEM: Polling hasn’t changed in decades. The old way only is costly and becoming harder to conduct accurately.

IMPACT: Pick up your cell phone. If you’re like most people, you use it less than 20% of the time to make calls. The rest of its usage is texting, email, social media, web browsing, etc. So why do most pollsters still rely on phone calls to field their polls?

FIX: Cygnal pioneered multi-mode polling that utilizes all the communication channels to gather representative responses from voters. It’s 3x harder to do, which is why most pollsters haven’t adapted.

INVESTMENT: Multi-Mode Polls range from $5,900 to $39,000 depending on the sample size, number of questions, difficulty of geography, and choice of live or automated calls for the phone portion of the poll.

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