Cygnal Pulse

Polling & Survey Research

After a big campaign, the last thing you want to ask is, “What were they thinking?” At Cygnal, we work hard to help you know that answer ahead of time. Let us guide you through the process of attaining reliable, affordable survey data to help your organization become more informed and make better decisions. Cygnal Pulse is our polling and survey research service that we put to work for you — ensuring a product in line with your budget and resources.

Employ Affordable Solutions.

Many campaigns, organizations, and small businesses believe that polling is out of their budget. Our results demonstrate, however, that tight budgets can gain very valuable information. With an experienced and determined team at the helm, we’ve got the knowledge and insight to make polling affordable, even for the smallest campaign or business.

While it may not be cost-effective for you to commission an in-depth, high-sample-size quantitative project, that type of poll might not necessarily be what you need. That’s why Cygnal Pulse devises the right-size solution. Remember, just because survey research is inexpensive, you don’t have to worry that it will be inaccurate or that you can’t get everything you need to make important decisions.

Gain Accurate Research.

Reliable information is the foundation of sound-decision making for your campaign, organization, or business. The best information comes from what you can gather through sound, scientific practice, not assumptions. Cygnal Pulse works to generate highly accurate results and helps you apply them to reaching your goals. We follow a time-tested process that includes:

  • Proper survey design, taking into account environmental considerations.
  • Targeted population selection, leading to a high degree of accuracy in the results.
  • Sample collection through trusted partners, meaning a fast, reliable fielding timeframe and accurate results delivered quickly.
  • Understandable findings in a visually-appealing format, aiding your decision-making.
  • Solid work product achieved through best practices, fitting your group’s goals and resources.

Ask us about Cygnal Pulse and find out what your audience is thinking!                        

[Download the white paper on Cygnal’s polling process and results.]