Using Polls Effectively Near Election Day

In the political campaign industry, many tough choices are made. Maybe not the dramatic choices of Scandal, but tough nonetheless. As the cycle winds down and election day quickly approaches, political consultants making the right decisions quickly is paramount to winning.

If we could physically speak with every voter to find out their stance, to discover their motivations and influences, our decisions would come easy. That is impossible and the sand is quickly running out of the hourglass, so what do you do?

Poll. And If You Can, Poll Often

When scientifically-conducted, running a poll is like speaking to every voter. It quickly gives you the information you need to make tough decisions and employ the right political strategy. With polling results and the right analysis, the intel to shift resources are at your fingertips.

The poll you conducted months ago or even weeks ago and the strategy that came with it might not be telling you the story of the current campaign environment. Are you willing to risk it? Is your lead something in which you are 100% confident? And if you haven’t done any polling, oh my.

Method Does Matter

With our polling, we keep our prices low, but our standards high. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but a lot of folks will cut corners to get business. Worse yet, they don’t employ the right processes but pass over their solutions as “polling”. It’s dangerous and accounts for some of the bad press that the industry receives.

Don’t take my word for it. We have the results to back up our methodology. With us, we go into great detail and take strides to show you how we sample the right voters and weight our results correctly. We take you through the poll’s story and help you understand its insights so that you can make the right decisions.

It’s Not to See If You’re Winning

The poll you conducted months ago or even weeks ago and the strategy that came with it might not be telling you the story of the current environment. Don’t be so vain to think that the only reason you would poll now is to see if you are winning. In these last weeks, you still have time to test and employ impactful messages, find pockets of your audience that can make a difference and discover those resource shifts that can lead to winning instead of losing. With 15 questions, 300 to 400 responses and less than $5,000 you can do all these things and bring home the victory.

Polling picks up changes that do happen during a cycle, even this close to election day.

Even in this short time you could poll once to assess strategy, change course and poll again to see the effects and make any last minute changes that could help secure the win. At the very least, a single poll can help point you in the best direction to close out strong.

Give us a chance to help you get that win. Let’s talk today before it’s too late.