Voter Turnout – Is a Blue Wave Coming?

Crunch time is right around the corner! Thankfully, the college football season starts soon, too. With summer ending, fall races are gearing up to be as exciting as the Kick Six  – at least for us Auburn fans.

Prognosticators are touting a blue wave potentially washing up on the political shores of our country, but is there data to back up those claims? With voter turnout trending upward, Republican candidates must ensure that they’re not only promoting the right messages to their base, but also spurring on those who find themselves in the middle of a political divide.


Cygnal recently released an Alabama statewide survey that shows evidence of increased voter enthusiasm throughout the state. In the survey, 90% of respondents indicated that they would “definitely vote” in the Fall’s general election. Brent Buchanan, President & Founder of Cygnal, states, “At this point in the political cycle, we’d typically expect the percentage of definitely voting respondents to be in the low 80s.”

This result is not an anomaly – in fact, it is supported by Pew Research Center’s own study. In an article published three days before Cygnal’s survey was released, Pew compared 20 states that held gubernatorial primaries this year with turnout numbers from 2014 and found an increase of 6.2% in voter turnout.


The “blue wave” has been a term thrown around all election cycle by numerous news outlets across the country. But, is there any indication that the tsunami of blue will come true? Brett Cowden, VP, Client Strategy, gives his take on two news articles that highlight the possibility of Democrats winning an overwhelming number of public offices in this fall’s general election.


As we gear up for the elections in 81 days, Cygnal’s team is growing – significantly. We have more than doubled in size since last year. Why? Because we are handling hundreds of polls and surveys for candidates, committees, and caucuses around the country.

If you’re in need of fast, accurate – and affordable – probabilistic survey research, Cygnal should be on your radar. Spend less on polls so you can spend more on ensuring voter turnout is in your favor this fall!