Cygnal Amplify

Digital & Social Advertising

Our digital advertising platform for influencing your audience has a simple name that points to a specific goal: Cygnal Amplify. Our use of technology and data will help you increase the volume of successful messaging — both in the numbers it reaches and how it’s heard.

Identify Targets.

Spending money advertising online or on social media networks is easy. The challenge is targeting ads directly to the intended audience(s) — because that’s when your investment pays off. As a data-driven firm, Cygnal has developed a platform to help you clearly identify your targets by using multiple data sources, including your own internal data. Creating a commercial data profile of your audience will guide strategy moving forward.

Maximize Platforms.

The old saying “hunt where the ducks are” applies directly to digital and social advertising. Cygnal Amplify will help you determine the best platforms and channels to use in order to reach your audience as you maximize your budget and minimize your cost.

Craft Creative.

With limited space for text and images and seconds to get the job done, your creative assets must work quickly to achieve the desired result in clicks, awareness, persuasion or data collection. Cygnal can work with your graphic artists or engage our own to write and design compelling text and image ads that provide higher brand lift and greater click-through rates (CTR) and/or lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

Optimize Campaigns.

Successful campaigns begin with great ads and knowing where and how to deliver them. The work shifts then to monitoring for optimal results. We analyze data on response to identify ads that are soaring — and any that may need tweaking. Throughout the campaign, Cygnal stays involved and continually optimizes all online ad spends to strengthen your investment.

Ask us to show you how Cygnal Amplify can help you create a sound digital ad campaign!