Kaitlyn Riordan

Chief of Staff/Dog Whisperer

Kaitlyn spends most of her time trying to get into Brent's brain (a nearly impossible task, but a challenge she is willing to face), facilitating communication, and working on strategic projects for the company. A lover of animals, she spends most of her free time hanging out with her dog or the horses at her friend's farm. Kaitlyn rode competitively for most of her life, all the way up to the collegiate level. She is now happily retired from the show ring.

What is a typical day at Cygnal like for you? Loaded question: I work with Brent to organize his schedule and try to make sure his time is focused on areas that are productive. I work on special projects and help keep the line of communication open between the rest of the team and Brent. I feel like I do a little bit of everything!

Who is someone you admire?I look up to so many people. My parents for how hard they worked to not only give my siblings and I the best life, but for teaching us so many valuable lessons that have stuck with me. My first riding instructor, Lisa, for allowing my love for horses to grow whether I was riding or working with them on the ground. My brothers for always being authentically themselves, no matter what.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is… Growing up, my mother always told me, "You can't control what others say or do, but you can control how you react." This phrase is something I constantly tell myself in situations and often tell others, as well. It has really helped me to let go of negative experiences and keep a positive attitude!

What motivated you to select this career path? I enjoy working with people and like playing a role in the company's growth and success. I didn't plan to end up in the Polling world, but here I am and I am loving every second of it!