Cygnal Amplify

Digital & Social Advertising

Sound Familiar?

You know you should be “doing digital” for your political campaign or advocacy effort, but what does that mean? All too often, digital is left to those with deep pockets that can hire a full digital team. Even if you check the box, you have no clue what you’re actually getting.

A Better Way

Creating a paid digital presence should be cost-effective and have predictable outcomes – which led us to launch Cygnal Amplify in 2015. Our packages make digital advertising and issue advocacy accessible for every conservative cause, campaign, and consultant.

Digital Persuasion for Political Campaigns

Cygnal Amplify gives political campaigns, caucus efforts, and independent expenditures  everything needed to be in front of the right voters with the right messages online – landing page(s), ad sets, email sequences, Facebook impressions, and display impressions.

Digital Grassroots for Advocacy

Cygnal Amplify for digital grassroots advocacy is a turnkey solution to find, educate, and activate voters back home to email, call, or write their government representative – ad sets, email sequences, Facebook impressions, and display impressions.

The Process


1. Select a package. Don’t see one that works for you? We can customize one to fit.


2. Discuss project goals with the Cygnal team so we all know what winning looks like.


3. Let Cygnal design your creative, write the ads, and set up the landing page. You approve.


4. We launch your project in as little as a 24 hours – for those hair-on-fire moments.


5. Receive bi-weekly reports that show progress and impact.


6. Decipher the final results of your campaign after victory.